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With a reputation for quality and convenience, customers have been enjoying our unequalled quality and service for over 20 years,
entrusting us with not only their day to day cleaning but their precious, priceless garments.

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Welcome to Garment Care. Cutting edge techniques.
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The fully trained and friendly Garment Care Team will go to every effort to ensure that your treasured items are returned to you in the best possible condition.

Garment Care Dry Cleaners refuse to take shortcuts and we have an absolutely rigorous Quality Control process that all of our team adhere to.

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You will not meet a Garment Dry Cleaners and Team who care more about quality. It is our aim as a business to not just excel occasionally but to be consistently excellent. We look forward to meeting you at our store.
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Dry Cleaning is a process that rejuvenates your clothes and household items like no other.

Fabrics such as silk and linen should only be dry cleaned. This ensures that the garments retain their look and feel and also extends their life. Even more basic fabrics such as cotton will retain color better and enjoy a longer life if dry-cleaned rather than being washed.

We always use the most appropriate solvents and inspect each garment individually before cleaning to make sure the garment goes through a tailored cleaning process that will result in the best cleaning results.

No doubt you’ve spent a lot of time and money selecting that perfect suit. We understand that the suit you choose to wear makes a lasting impression.

That is why Garment Care Dry Cleaners treats each suit uniquely.

Each fabric, style and shape is distinctive and deserves to be given individual attention.

The Specialists at Garment Care Dry Cleaners are meticulous in the spotting, cleaning and pressing of your suits, whether they be the latest designer label or a suit that you wear to work, that needs to look immaculate.

Garment Care has Deluxe Cleaning is a cleaning process we use on certain garments to preserve their fabric, shape, colors and integrity.

It is a must when it comes to certain items (see below) and is recommended if you have any garments that are delicate, expensive to purchase or are treasured items.

We also suggest that if you have delicate/special garments that you would like us to Deluxe Clean that you advise us with a note in your dry cleaning bag or at the counter.

We always deluxe dry clean garments that:

  • We determine are made out of very delicate fabric eg. Silk Chiffon, Delicate Evening Dresses
  • Garments with suede/leather trims, beads/sequins, large difficult stains, ink, coffee, wine, blood
  • Garments with a care label displaying a P symbol which is circled and underlined. The underlined P symbol is placed on the care label by the manufacturer to instruct the dry cleaner that the item must be delicately cleaned


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